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Who is TenXSports?

TenXSports was founded by Mike McCall and Kristi Saucerman. McCall is a successful 25­-year sports executive who understands the day-to-day needs of both Major League and Minor League teams. Kristi Saucerman is the founder of Auction Frogs, LLC, an online auction and event fundraising company that has thrived for over a decade. TenXSports is based in Boise, Idaho with a satellite office in Dallas, Texas. Together, McCall and Saucerman have teamed to form the premier Sports Marketing and Mobile Bidding Group in the country.

Can I see a demo of TenXSports in action?

Absolutely, TenXSports will provide a personalized demo (computer-to-computer) at your convenience.

How do I know something won’t go wrong the first time we use this?

Our software technology and support team have been involved in over 1500 auctions. You can have complete confidence in the event being 100% successful.

What if our fans or customers don’t have smartphones or tablets?

Less than 2% of bidders will not have smartphones. Providing a laptop or tablet on site will solve any issues which may arise for the other 2%.

What will be required of our staff if we utilize TenXSports?

1.  Take photos of jerseys/auction items and email them to TenXSports.
2.  Your contact person will interact with our Auction Engineer to build, maintain and approve your auction site.
3.  Promote the event via email, social media and in-game opportunities.
It's that simple!

What will the site look like?

It is a professional custom website, representing your team. We secure a desired URL and link it to personalize your auction. Click here to see an example.

How long does it take to set up the Website?

We can have your site up and functional within 7 days.

We already do auctions, why would we need TenXSports?

Your organization (or charity) will make more money using TenXSports by engaging your entire fan base, not just the fans at your event. Your fans will love interacting with the team via smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and your staff will be motivated to see the event succeed with real-time reporting.

What makes TenXSports different?

We have been in professional sports management for 25 years, which allows you to have the confidence of knowing we understand your business. TenXSports is completely web-based, allowing for real-time updates using the most current technology. Buyers will not need to download anything in order to bid because the auction will be run through your own personalized website. We provide complete back-end support using an Auction Frogs engineer to design the website, manage data and support your event. No need for the usual workload, this is not a self-service website. We do all the work for you! Your staff's workload for these events will be greatly reduced, allowing them to be freed-up to focus on other revenue producing opportunities.

What does TenXSports do?

TenXSports creates new revenue streams for your team through the use of mobile bidding technology and marketing support. We add value to existing fundraising events by reaching a larger audience for longer bidding time frames. TenXSports simplifies the process of in-stadium, arena or event auctions by taking the work out of it for your staff. In creating new revenue streams and simplifying the auction process, we create a successful, revenue-generating online event.

If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us here.