Our Services

TenXSports provides a web-based online mobile bidding solution that is simple and fan-friendly. We give teams that are hosting an auction the ability to provide a custom online auction for your fans.

The key components of the TenXSports platform include:

Each online event site will have a custom branded look, finished with a TenXSports designer’s touch! Content management tools are available to develop event-specific messaging, create custom navigation tabs and pages, include event information and promote sponsors.

Web-based mobile bidding is the most significant recent innovation of TenXSports. This feature makes it easy for fans to monitor their bids, whether they’re at the event or anywhere in the world!  There is no need to walk around to each item and place a bid with paper and pen. All bids are taken through smartphones, tablets or computers, and each bidder will receive outbid notices via SMS texts. Instead of requiring volunteers rushing to scramble during the event to pick up bid sheets, bids are tallied instantly with immediate access to invoices for winning bidders. This innovative feature expands the audience to online participants who were not able to attend the event in person.

Bidders will be informed when they have been outbid, and they will be notified when they have won! Your auction administrator can also create and send customized messages through the SMS messaging. Automated messages keeps bidders engaged and bidding, resulting in overall increased bidding activity and fundraising success. TenXSports makes it easy for auction administrators, fans, and bidders to share the event website URL, as well as the jersey or other catalog items through social media. Word quickly spreads to an expanded audience of family and friends using this integrated tool, which further increases the size of the bidding audience.

Clients can open a merchant account with an approved provider and/or accept cash/check at the time the item is picked up. Online winning bidders are automatically invoiced and prompted by an SMS message to log into their account for payment and pick-up instructions. Reporting tools provide metrics of bidding activity, accurate accounting details, and offer invoices for instant printing or emailing.

Data privacy is of utmost importance, and TenXSports is committed to maintaining the confidentiality of client and user information. TenXSports never sells or shares information about bidders or donors to third parties. Each client’s database is accessible only to their organization and remains the property of the organization. 

What is a no-risk auction item?  It’s a simple way to increase your auction item inventory and revenue.  TenXSports provides you with a catalog of additional auction items which you may elect to add to your existing auction list.  The items are essentially consigned to your auction.  If the item or items sell, fantastic!  You are guaranteed profit.  If the items do not sell, then you owe nothing, hence the "No Risk". That’s it.  It’s THAT easy!